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Papa Pawsome Perfect Shine (Dog Shampoo)

Papa Pawsome Perfect Shine (Dog Shampoo)

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Perfect Finish by Papa Pawsome is a high-quality grooming product specially formulated for dogs of all breeds and ages. This shampoo is designed to cleanse your dog's coat, leaving it soft, shiny, and smelling fresh.

Made from natural ingredients, including lavender. Perfect Finish is gentle and safe for your furry friend's delicate skin.

• The shampoo lathers up quickly and effectively, removing dirt, grime, and odour-causing bacteria without stripping away your dog's natural oils.

• The lavender extracts leave a pleasant scent that helps to keep your dog smelling great for days.

• Its nourishing and moisturizing properties make the fur silky, smooth, healthy, and fluffy.

• Keeps the coat fresh, shiny and smelling good all day.

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