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Ecosys Floor Cleaner - Green Apple

Ecosys Floor Cleaner - Green Apple

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1. Put the tablet inside the bottle, and fill the bottle with warm tap water
2. Wait 1 minute, shake to dissolve refill
3. Ready to use in just 2 minutes!


Note: Floor cleaner is made highly concentrated with 6 capsules added at once. It then gets further diluted when added in a 5Litre bucket of water. 

Perfect for:

Neutral floor cleaner for the cleaning of all kinds of floors and surfaces. Leaves a pleasant Green Apple scent in the air. Sanitizing properties. Does not leave traces.

Direction of Use:

Pour 2 caps in a bucket of 5 litres water. Apply manually with a mop on the surface to be cleaned and let dry. Rinse not needed. For a superior shine, once the surface is dry, wipe it with a mop or dry cloth.

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