About Us

Hasiru Dala Innovations Private Limited
Inclusive Circularity for a Happier Earth

Hasiru Dala Innovations is a for-purpose company focused on creating better livelihood and entrepreneurship opportunities for waste-pickers and informal waste workers through inclusive businesses that enable the circular economy.

They’re India’s only multi-stream waste management company that 
has been given the status of a Fair Trade Guaranteed Organization by the WFTO. 
Their current services include:

Total Waste Management for corporates and residential apartments, Event Waste Management for curating zero-waste events such as weddings, music concerts, marathons, etc., and Plastic Aggregation Services to supply post-consumer plastic from waste-pickers and informal scrap dealers through tie-ups with global brands that commit to using fairly traded plastic waste in their products or packaging.

HasiruDala Innovations pioneered bringing the sustainable practice of Refilling to Bangalore. Since June 2022, HasiruDala Innovations and
Refillable India in joint collaboration started #RefillRevolution in the garden city.

The company’s business models leverage the innate entrepreneurship of waste-pickers and enable them to integrate into the evolving circular economy. 

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